Notes for workshop facilitators#

Orientation presentation#

It is suggested to begin the workshop with a short “orientation” presentation, which should cover:

  • Goals of the workshop

  • Curriculum overview

  • High-level IdM concepts

  • High-level FreeIPA architecture

  • Further resources (this can be covered at end of workshop)

Here is an example presentation you are welcome to use: frasertweedale/talks


Please offer participants the opportunity to provide feedback about their workshop. It should include questions about their technical background and prior general IdM knowledge, as well as whether the workshop helped them learn FreeIPA, how difficult it was, etc.


Vagrant boxes#

See Building Vagrant box images for instructions on building Vagrant boxes. At time of writing, the freeipa/freeipa-workshop box is FreeIPA 4.9.3 / Fedora 34, for the VirtualBox and libvirt providers.